Jean and Terry

red-blue-god-headsJean & Terry: Your Guides Through Dark, Light and Nebulous is a theatrical investigation into the Universal Consciousness and the interconnectedness of all things, juxtaposed with the im/possibilities of transcending self. Utilizing live performance and video, Kelly and Mel place their collaborative and personal relationship at the center of the piece, acting as guides through the process of creation, while utilizing the performance of character to tell the parallel love story of spiritual beings communicating across time and alternate planes of existence.

Jean & Terry Hatchfund FINAL from Kelly and Mel on Vimeo.

direction and choreography
Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman

development and performance
Kelly Bond, Melissa Krodman, Jaime Maseda & Mark McCloughan
with special thanks to Megan Bridge

lighting design
Maria Shaplin

original composition
Greg Svitil

video design
Ilan Bachrach

production/technical coordinator
Justin Rose