Empress of Sound Studio

Empress of Sound Studio is an artist-run analog and digital recording room. It’s been used to record:

Greg Svitil “Escapade” (sound design for stage show by Kelly Bond, 2019)
Silo Halo “Silo Halo” (2018)
V/A “Etxe Records at 10 Years: A Compilation” (2018)
The Red Fetish “Non Sequitur” (2017)
Teething Veils “Sea and Sun” (2017)
The Red Fetish “The Wind, As Now, Is Silent” (2016)
Greg Svitil “Jean and Terry: Your Guides Through Dark, Light, and Nebulous” (sound design for stage production by Melissa Krodman and Kelly Bond, 2016)
Teething Veils “Dinner Date” (2015)
Teething Veils “Constellations” (2014)
Silo Halo “Blackout Transmission” (2014)
Teething Veils “Velorio” (2013)
Alexia Kauffman “Sunday Morning”  (2013)
The Butter Kings “Vulture Nose” (Benefit for Cytunes, 2012)
Silo Halo “Night and the City” (2012)
Greg Svitil “Colony” (sound design for stage production by Melissa Krodman and Kelly Bond, 2012)
Fall Catalogue “Fall Catalogue” (2011)
Fangs Out “Speech Shadowing” (2011)
Phonic Riot “Phonic Riot” (2011)
Greg Svitil “How to be a Human” (sound design for stage production by Ali Miller and Melanie St. Ours, 2010)
Locrian “Endless Plains / Flat Horizon” (2009)

Empress of Sound was preceded by Igloo Studios, a cassette eight-track recording room located at 611 Florida Ave, NW in Washington, DC (2001-2007) and then as a 16-track analog tape recording room along the 1200 block of K Street, SE (2007-2009).

The Antiques “Awake” (2008)
The Antiques “Sewn with Stitches” (2007)
Carolina Mayorga / Greg Svitil “Newspaper Soup” (sound design for performance art by Carolina Mayorga, 2007)
Carolina Mayorga / Greg Svitil “Pig Lengua” (sound design for video art by Carolina Mayorga, 2005)
Ars Phoenix (drum samples for “Engines of Progress,” 2005)
Carolina Mayorga / Greg Svitil “Lesson #1) (engineering for audio piece by Carolina Mayorga, 2005)
The Antiques “Every Night” CD (2004)
The Antiques “The Antiques” CD (2003)
The Antiques “There’s Nothing to Explain” (split 7″ vinyl with Unlucky Atlas, 2004)
The Antiques “The Antiques” cassette (2003)