Selected Collaborations

Boat Burning Music for Massed Guitars at the Corcoran (guitar, 3.31.19)
Boat Burning: Music for 100 Guitars – A Benefit Concert for Bread for the City (guitar, 1.7.18)
Boat Burning: Music for 70 Guitars – A Benefit Concert for DC Statehood (guitar, 8.26.16)
The Undercast
(guitar for a show, 2016)
Sonya Harway (guest guitar for a song at a show, 2016)
The Red Fetish (engineering, 2015-present)
Hannah Racecar (guest guitar for a show, 2015)
Alexia Kauffman (guitar, vocals for recording 2013)
The Butter Kings (guitar, vocals for recording 2012)
Kuschty Rye Ergot (organ for a show)
Fall Catalogue (guest guitar for a show, 2010)
Space Tigers (guest drums for a show, 2009)
Fangs Out (organ, Speech Shadowing LP, 2009)
Locrian (organ, Endless Plains / Flat Horizon CS, 2009)
Screen Vinyl Image “Interceptors” (mastering, 2008)
Kohoutek (guitar and organ, various shows and recordings, UK tour (2019), 2007-present)
Insect Factory (organ for Ghosts Above a Warm Pond CDR, 2007)
Five Four (guitar for shows, 2007)
Ricketts 330 (guitar for a show, 2005)
Ars Phoenix (drum hits for recording, 2005)
The Mares (keyboards for a show, 2003)
Parlor Scouts (guitar for shows and recording 2002-04)
The Traces (songwriting and guitar, 2001-02)
The Mayflies (songwriting and guitar, 2000-01)
Why Planes Go Down (guitar for shows, 1998)
Unionsuit (bass for shows and recording, 1996)
Self-Portrait (guitar, engineering, 1995 / organ for a show, 2004)
Revolt (guitar and songwriting, 1994-95)
Still (guitar and songwriting, 1992-95)

Here is a partial list of shows that I organized, but did not participate in as a performer