The Antiques


The Antiques existed as an active band from November 29, 2002 – December 14, 2008. All convalescents, all sewn up in stitches.

Members: Kevin Buckholdt, Sam Chintha, Craig Garrett, Theresa Kim, John Rickman, Greg Svitil

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Songs and Versions that Have yet to see the Light of Daymariposagrande
The Antiques | 07 Digital
1. The Clock Won’t Move
2. The Microphone Died
3. Marisa
4. In a Gilded Gown
5. Something Special
6. I Want a Cat for My Birthday (Bradford)
7. By the Way
8. Brown Balloons
9. Paper Lanterns
10. Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

The Antiques | 06
Safranin Sound 023
CD/Digital released September 16, 2008
1. Blackout
2. The Microphone Died
3. The Procession
4. The Time Escapes
5. Faceless Edna
6. I Know the World Ended Tonight
7. You’re Holding my World
8. I’m Always Living with your Ghost
9. Paper Lanterns
10. Awake

Sewn with Stitches
The Antiques | 05R-1004264-1182987946.jpeg
Safranin Sound 012
CD/Digital released May 22, 2007
1. Tied to Nowhere
2. Painted Post Road
3. Don’t Stand in My Room
4. You’re Everything I Don’t Need
5. There’s Nothing to Explain
6. One Day You’ll be Sorry Too
7. You’re an Act That Can’t be Followed
8. Brown Balloons
9. Chutes and Ladders
10. Auburn Aumbry
11. Bedsit Bones
12. The Ides of May
13. Closed Curtains
14. Every Night

The Antiques & Unlucky Atlas 7″ single
The Antiques | 04seven-inch cover small
For Documentation Only Recordings 017)
7″ vinyl released March 2004
1. There’s Nothing to Explain




Every Night CD
The Antiques | 03
Teething Veil Recordings (TVR 003)
released December 2004
1. Every Night
2. Closed Curtains
3. So Much Changed
4. The Strangest Moment
5. I Want a Cat For my Birthday (Bradford)
6. Come Saturday Morning (Karlin/Previn)
7. Send me the Pillow You Dream On

cdcoverwebThe Antiques CD
The Antiques | 02
Teething Veil Recordings (TVR 002)
released June 2004
1. One Day You’ll be Sorry Too
2. There’s Nothing to Explain
3. Auburn Aumbry
4. In a Gilded Gown
5. Allover Fainting
6. Down a Pier Nightly
7. The Clock Won’t Move
8. Marisa
9. Kathleen’s Caffeine
10. Closed Curtains
11. Chutes and Ladders
12. The Charmless Alchemist
13. Bedsit Bones
14. The Ides of May
15. Every Night
16. Faceless Edna
17. I Know the World Ended Tonight
18. You’re Holding my World

The Antiques cassettecassette
The Antiques | 01
Teething Veil Recordings (TVR 001)
released December 2003
Side A
1. There’s Nothing to Explain
2. Auburn Aumbry
3. In a Gilded Gown
4. Allover Fainting
5. Down a Pier Nightly
6. Marisa
7. Kathleen’s Caffeine
Side B
8. Chutes and Ladders
9. The Charmless Alchemist
10. Bedsit Bones
11. Faceless Edna
12. I Know the World Ended Tonight
13. You’re Holding My World

Despierta / Wake Up
short film by Laura González
features an early version of ‘Awake’ in its end credits

The Antiques past shows

people who played live in the antiques:
kevin buckholdt (organ, drums)
sam chintha (guitar, drums)
craig garrett (bass)
theresa kim (organ)
jon powell (bass)
john rickman (drums)
greg svitil (singing, guitar, organ, samples)
scott verrastro (drums)
davis white (drums)
winston yu (viola, organ)

people who recorded with the antiques:
sara bettinardi (singing)
tricia brown (singing)
kevin buckholdt (organ, drums)
sam chintha (guitar)
chris connelly (saxophones)
craig garrett (bass)
arlene gatchalian (singing)
susan johnson (singing)
alexia kauffman (cello, singing)
theresa kim (organ)
catherine lewis (singing)
carolina mayorga (maracas)
hugh mcelroy (singing, a cough)
john rickman (drums)
jamie rimmer (singing)
greg svitil (singing, guitar, organ, samples, mandolins, orchestral chimes, glockenspiel, piano, tambourine, some other instruments)
scott verrastro (drums)
kathleen wilson (singing)
winston yu (viola)

people who made artwork for, or lent artwork to, the antiques:
stephen carroll
terence hannum
liz kasameyer
carolina mayorga

people who recorded the antiques:
sam chintha
bryan hoffa
hugh mcelroy
nikhil ranade