Silo Halo

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Silo Halo is a band from Los Angeles and Washington, DC, comprised of Christopher Goett (The Undercast, Girl Loves Distortion) and Greg Svitil (Teething Veils, The Antiques). The band played its first show in the spring of 2010. Additional members have included Ivan Basauri, Alejandro Castaño, Christin Durham, Chuck Engel, Nathan Jurgenson, Stacey Lockerman, and Davis White. The band is self-managed and operates under the umbrella of Etxe Records, an independent label founded by Christopher Goett and label-partner Jenn Thomas in 2007. The band maintains a preference to engage in activities that enhance community.


Drive Blindride
Silo Halo | 02.b
Appears on “Leave Them All Behind: A Tribute to Ride”
CD/Digital released March 16, 2015.
1. Drive Blind




Crankcatherine wheel
Silo Halo | 02.a
Appears on “The Dark and Cold Sounds of TBTCI, Volume II”
CD/Digital released July 2, 2014
Also appears on “Strange Fruits: Catherine Wheel Tribute” CD/Digital release June 2016
1. Crank



Blackout Transmissionblackout+transmission
Silo Halo | 02
ETXE 007
LP/CD/Digital released April 22, 2014
1. Blackout Transmission
2. Rosalind
3. Urban Canyons and Beginnings
4. Pinhole Camera


Night and the CitySilo+Halo+NATC+200x200
Silo Halo | 01
ETXE 004
LP/CD/Digital released April 10, 2012
1. Silhouette
2. Out of Your Fugue
3. Wonderful Gift
4. You Don’t Dream
5. I’m Still Slamming My Head Against a Brick Wall
6. Which Wire do I Choose?
7. Night and the City
8. Stones Inside Her Chest

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